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All-American A/C takes pride in knowing our seasonal customers trust us to install and care for the largest appliance in their home while they are here or away.

From: Bill Nelson
Subject: New Unit

Message Body:
I am not a social media guy, but I did want to send this to you.
Our landscaper noticed a problem with water coming from the garage, he recommended All American AC and your company was extremely responsive and did a great job installing our new unit.

AC retrofit

Living in PA we rely on your opinion and expertise. Nice to see there are still companies out there that do business on a handshake. Rest assured I have your number locked in.

Thanks Again,
Bill And Colleen Nelson

Good Morning Treasure and Space Coasts!

All-American A/C hopes you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration.

All-American AC wishes you a happy 4th of July!

As summer begins the heat and humidity will continue to rise bringing your home or office comfort system into its hardest working season. Remember, when the heat is on you can call us to repair, replace or simply maintain your system keeping running at its best.

For a limited time, All-American Air Conditioning is offering our whole home filtration and air purification package at a deep discount when you replace your current system. Breathe better now with GREEN UV lighting and Photo Catalytic Oxidation technologies.

If you’re looking for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor serving the Treasure and Space coast area, call All-American Air Conditioning at: 772-410-4822 (HVAC) in Indian River and St. Lucie counties and 321-405-2248 (AC4U) in Brevard county.

All-American A/C, making the Treasure and Space Coasts cooler places to be!

We appreciate your reviews!

All-American AC enjoys reading reviews from our customers. The more we learn from their experience, the better service we can provide them. Certain sites require you to become a member to leave a review. Here, you can leave a review or you can visit our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/allamericanac and leave a review there. Just click the review link on the left hand side of the page. Here are two recent reviews we received online.

Cynthia Hinkle Walker reviewed All-American AC — 5 star
Awesome guys�������� did ours & my mom in laws���

Stacy Cook reviewed All-American AC — 5 star
Excellent. Right on time. Got right to work and got our AC back on quick. Fee was fair as explained over the phone. I will continue using for regular maintenance moving forward.

All-American A/C recently completed this new home on Old Oak Lane in Vero Beach

All-American Air Conditioning recently completed work on this new luxury home on Old Oak Lane in Vero Beach, Florida. Main home features two high efficiency split systems and the guest house features a mini split system for the newest in comfort technology.

Looking for a heating and air conditioning expert for air conditioning installation, repair, or service? Call us today at 772.410.4822 Indian River or 321.405.2248 Brevard. We proudly serve customers in North Ft. Pierce,  Vero Beach, Sebastian, Grant, Micco, Valkaria, and the Palm Bay, Florida area.

We have UV-C in our homes. You should too. Here is why.

UV-C Indoor Air QualityUV-C Light Kills Airborne Germs.

Ultraviolet (UV-C) light has been growing as part of the HVAC landscape for years, specifically within the Indoor Air Quality  arena. As the technology has evolved, organizations and associations have striven to prove its effectiveness through research and a series of studies.

Here is very good article at the achrnews.com website about new evidence of the effectiveness of UV light in controlling airborne germs and improving indoor air quallity.



Call All-American Air Conditioning today to learn more about the benefits of using UV light to improve the indoor air quality of your home or office. All American AC serves customers from north Ft. Pierce, to Sebastian, and the barrier islands from our fully equipped Vero Beach location.   We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and will determine the perfect system for your home. Call (772) 410 HVAC.

AC Repair Service, Vero Beach



Another Heating and Air Conditioning Blog? Really?


Today’s blog is going to focus on why homeowners and businesses should only do business with licensed contractors. Time and time again we see jobs not done correctly or up to code. The homeowner or business owner either has no idea that the contractor isn’t licensed or they don’t care. Why should they care you ask?

Without proper licensing your “friend” cannot pull permits for your installation. This is important because without the permit there is no inspection. Without a county inspector checking your installation how can you be sure it was done correctly?

Without proper licensing you as the home owner cannot get the proper warranty for the equipment installed. Unlicensed contractors cannot get warranty parts through the proper channels. They cannot file your warranty with the manufacturer. If you’re not using a licensed contractor, your equipment warranty will be at best, the base warranty which is half of what your equipment should be covered for.

All-American Air Conditioning files warranty paper work for our customers easing the burden of filing and the worry of the warranty term. 10 years on all parts is standard.

Don’t trust your comfort to a “friend” who is unlicensed. Trust someone who has gone through the proper channels of licensing, including being insured and bonded. Your peace of mind is worth that isn’t it?

If you’re looking for an heating and air conditioning contractor who is licensed, insured, bonded AND is a friend you can trust look no further than All-American Air Conditioning, because your comfort is our business!

Call us today for prompt, courteous service or a free estimate on a new replacement system today at 772-410-4822.