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All-American Air Conditioning provides a wide variety of services which benefit our clients.

Repair Service – Should your comfort system require repair service, rest assured that All-American Air Conditioning will provide you with prompt, courteous service that you’ll tell your friends and family about. Our technicians are NATE certified to provide outstanding service with fewer callbacks. All-American Air Conditioning does not sacrifice using quality parts and accessories for any repair that may be required. All repairs are flat rate priced so you don’t pay more if one of our technicians is slower than another. And, how about this, All-American Air Conditioning offers 24/7 service with NO overtime charges!

Replacement Systems – Should your existing comfort system need to be replaced, you can count on All-American Air Conditioning to do it right the first time. First, we’ll start with a load calculation ( more on that see below) to make sure we’re providing a system that will handle the requirements of your home or office. Next we’ll give you a firm price for your investment (we don’t give estimates, only firm quotes). The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay and not a penny more. Finally we’ll install your comfort system in a timely manner and we’ll do it with respect for your home or business.

We’ll use drop cloths to minimize debris and will vacuum our work area when we’re through. We’ll leave your home or office as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. We won’t dispose of your old equipment or other materials in your trash but will haul it away. We will recycle refrigerant (per EPA mandates) and any other material that we remove if possible. Furthermore, our installers will not use your facilities and will bring their own food and drinks to your project. Finally, your new installation will be inspected by the owner of the company to make sure everything is right and that there are no concerns on your part about our work. If there are, we’ll make it right. We value the client experience and guarantee our work 100%.

New Construction – If you are investing in a new home or business we’d love the opportunity to assist you in your goals by providing a comfort system designed specifically for your needs. We’ll start with a load calculation (next section) and design a system that’s efficient and cost effective. We’ll then install your system using the highest quality materials and workmanship and we’ll do it in a timely manner. Once your system is up and running we’ll provide a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship to insure we’ve successfully met your goals and ours.

Load Calculations – This is where all installations must start. We perform state of the art Manual J and Manual D calculations to insure that you’re getting a comfort system that is designed correctly and will meet your home or businesses heating and cooling demands. Not all companies do load calculations. Some still use outdated rule of thumb practices when designing comfort systems. This is simply a disservice to clients and will cause problems down the road. You should insist that whichever contractor you choose to do business with performs these necessary calculations. In some states these calculations are required prior to permitting.

Planned Maintenance Agreements – Planned Maintenance insures that your comfort system stays running at its peak performance and helps avoid untimely, costly breakdowns. Our Planned Maintenance customers enjoy a 15% discount on all repairs. More information on the Planned Maintenance Agreement benefits we offer our clients.

Real Estate Inspections – All-American Air Conditioning works with realtors and homeowners to systematically inspect comfort cooling and heating systems for both homeowners and businesses. While we applaud the home inspection industry, the fact is that home inspectors are not trained to provide comprehensive inspections on heating and cooling systems. If you are interested in selling or purchasing a new home or business, you owe it to yourself to have your system properly inspected. As a seller, you’ll be sure that the comfort system wont be a hindrance with regards to your asking price. As a buyer, you’ll be assured that you’re getting what your paying for. The largest, most costly appliance in any home or business is the comfort system. Make sure you’re covered.

Indoor Air Quality – The most widely overlooked aspect of a comfort system for your home or business. All-American Air Conditioning offers a variety of indoor air quality products to help you breathe easier. In residential homes we install quality air purification accessories that remove harmful contaminants from the air you breathe which helps those suffering from allergies due to pollen, cigarette smoke and more. You’ll sleep better at night because these contaminants are removed and also because you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are removed. In some cases your home could use a humidifier to help out during those low humidity winters many of us face. A dehumidifier used during summer months can reduce your electric costs by lowering the relative humidity in your home and allowing your cooling system to run less while maintaining a desired comfort level.

Looking for a heating and air conditioning expert for air conditioning installation, repair, or service? Call us today at 772.410.4822 Indian River or 321.405.2248 Brevard. We proudly serve customers in North Ft. Pierce,  Vero Beach, Sebastian, Grant, Micco, Valkaria, and the Palm Bay, Florida area.
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