Welcome and thank you for your interest in our All-American Comfort Club.

As a Florida resident, you know how harsh our local environment can be even on the most beautiful days.
We adore the sunshine but it does bring with it some damage along with its benefits.

The extreme temperatures and humidity cause our AC systems to run harder and longer which brings
more frequent breakdowns than a system installed in the middle of the country.

In addition, coastal communities face the salt from the ocean, and just as the salt can rust our cars and trucks, the salt can eat away an AC system pretty quickly, running through the system and causing component damage as well as
causing deterioration.

Manufacturers recommend having your air conditioning system serviced every six months. Many manufacturers require
it is for warranty purposes.

That is where the Comfort Club comes in. All-American Air Conditioning offers a variety of Planned Service Agreements
to meet required budgets and time intervals and offers custom plans based on individual needs.

Our Standard yearly agreements consist of 2 visits per year for a cost of $190 for a single residential system and
$250 a year for a single commercial system. Multiple system discounts are available. All plans are prepaid.

The plans work off a 35-point checklist that covers both commercial and residential applications.
The plans offer many other benefits such as 15% on all service repairs, discounts on add-on equipment waived travel
and diagnostic fees for service calls, and more.

Your planned service visits are documented by a list of checked items and images that are attached to your invoice.

Again, manufacturers recommend having your system serviced every 6 months. If this sounds like your best option, fill in the form below and we’ll call to set up your new planned service agreement. When you join you’ll receive your
first, visit on us!

Now, if you’d prefer a one-time visit you can click the BOOK ONLINE button at the top of the page and schedule your visit online at a time
that is convenient for you.

Thank you again for your interest and welcome to the club!

***Please fill out the form below and our technician will call at your preferred time to set up your agreement***

All-American A/C is making the Treasure Coast a cooler place to be!

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