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All-American Air Conditioning.

Here on the Treasure and Space coasts of Florida, we see the useful life
of our AC equipment shortened by the elements. The further you are away from the beach, the longer your system might last.
The salt eats the system casings outside and components inside fail sooner rather than later.

In our experience systems off the beach will generally have a lifespan of 10-12 years. While they may run this long their efficiency may be lacking and may have been for some time due to inferior planned service visits and other factors. They may cool a bit but they certainly won’t be doing you any favors at this point.

Systems that are on the beach require further service visits to keep them going that long and generally have a lifespan of 8-10 years.

We often hear of systems running 24/7 and not getting to temperature. These systems are inefficient and are costing you money.

But do you need a new AC system? The system’s age is important but the system’s efficiency rating, the number of repairs it has seen, and the current operational readings such as amp draw, refrigerant charge, etc… are also of importance.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How old is your current system? If you know, you know. Is it older
    than 10 yrs?
  2. Does the system run more than it used to?
  3. Have energy costs in the home risen?
  4. Do you have spots in the home that are warmer/colder than others?
  5. Is your thermostat digital? You’d be surprised how many systems we see
    with the old mercury thermostats.
  6. Have you ever had any significant repairs made to the system?
  7. Has the system been properly maintained during its lifetime?

If the answers you gave were unsatisfactory, you owe yourself a quote on
a new system. You’ll be more comfortable and you’ll save money. We also offer
to finance for all systems.

  1. Is your AC system more than 10 years old?
  2. Does the system run more than it used to or not get to temperature until
    after dark?
  3. Have any significant repairs been made to the system?
  4. Have your energy costs risen?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, complete the form below and one of our technicians will contact you to schedule your no-obligation quote on a new High-Efficiency AC system at a time that is convenient.

ALL AMERICAN A/C -Making the Treasure Coast a cooler place to be.

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